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Aphrodisiac Foods

These are some foods that contain aphrodisiac that you can use in our Valentines Day recipes to get you in the sexy mood.


Asparagus - Not only does asparagus have a sexy shape, it is also  packed full of vitamins.



Advocado - The Aztecs are rumoured to be one of the first people to think of advocados as a love potion. It didn’t take long for the Spanish to catch-on that this fruity treat had a lot going for it. So widespread was its reputation, that for a time, Catholic priests banned their parishioners from eating this popular fruit.


Chocoloate - Is an essential aphrodisiac.  The aroma of chocolate, especially when melted, is enough to trigger a build-up of hormoHoneynes.


Honey - The Egyptians believed that honey could cure barrenness and impotence. In England, during medieval times, newly married couples would share a cup of mead in the hope that their marriage would be a long and sweet one.


OystersOysters - Rumour has it that Casanova, perhaps the world’s best known lover, used to eat 50 raw oysterss every day – his secret to securing a passionate love life. Oysters are also remarkably low in fat and packed with healthy vitamins.