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Pumpkin Carving InstructionsPumpkin carving instructions and equipment



  • Icecream scoop or large spoon for removing pulp
  • Printed Template on A4 paper
  • Masking Tape
  • Black Marker Pen
  • A Sharp Crafting Knife (if children are using this they MUST be supervised by adult)

INSTRUCTIONS for all templates

  1. Get an adult to cut the top off the pumpkin to form a lid

  2. Remove all the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin

  3. Print the template on A4 paper and place on your pumpkin with masking tape

  4. Using the knife, carefully make small indents into the pumpkin following your template

  5. Remove the template from the pumpkin, then join the indents almost like a dot to dot with your marker

  6. Carefully cut out the pattern on your pumpkin (With adult supervision)

  7. Spray all cut pumpkin with hairspray (This helps the pumpkin to last longer)

  8. Get an adult to melt some candle wax into the base of the pumpkin and quickly place the candle on the melted wax

  9. Your pumpkin in now ready to use. Just light the candle